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                      Cake Gel Emulsifier

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                      ● Product Name: DAHE Enterprise? Emulsifiers in Cake Gel
                      ● Product Type: Emulsifier, food grade
                      ● Packing: 20Kg/barrel
                      ● Shelf Life: 12 months
                      ● Ingredients: monoglyceride, sorbitol and glycerin
                      ● Origin: DAHE Emulsifiers ? Cake Gel
                      ● Application: used in bread making
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                      DAHE Enterprise? Cake Gel Emulsifier



                      Packing: 20Kg/barrel

                      Shelf Life: 12 months

                      Storage Conditions: please store in a cool and dry place

                      Ingredients: monoglyceride, sorbitol and glycerin

                      Origin: DAHE Emulsifiers ? Cake Gel

                      Application: used in bread making.

                      Adding Dosage: 3%-5% based on eggs or flour.

                      How to use: Put the egg, sugar and water into the blender according to the cake recipe, stir for about five minutes in low speed, and then add the cake gel and stir at high speed for five minutes, then add the flour and stir evenly, finally mold into the oven and bake.



                      Key Function


                      1. Whipping fast

                      The egg syrup can be beaten into foam in a short time. Generally, the quick mixing time is 3-4 minutes, and the whole process is about 7-10 minutes.


                      2. Larger volume

                      The volume of the baked cake can be increased by 10%-20% compared with that without cake gel.


                      3. Fine texture of cakes

                      Effectively improve the texture of cakes. The texture of the baked cake is fine and uniform, and the taste is good.


                      4. Strong fragrance

                      Can highlight the aroma of the cake, the flavor is stronger.


                      5. Good taste and monthfeel

                      Good moisture retention ability and smoother taste and monthfeel.




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                      Committed to provide safe, high-quality, innovative and practical raw materials for the food industry at home and abroad. With the expertise and mature technology in the field of emulsifier and the correct grasp of the market, it rises rapidly.

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