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                      Bread Emulsifiers

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                      ● Product Name: DAHE Enterprise? Bread Emulsifiers
                      ● Product Type: emulsifier, food grade
                      ● Color: White
                      ● Odor: no special odor
                      ● Form: solid powder, paste
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                      DAHE Enterprise? Bread Emulsifiers


                      Widely used in kinds of bread, including white bread, brown bread, whole wheat bread, rye bread and sourdough bread; as well as European soft bread, French bread, Fancy bread, Chinese bread, English bread, Yeast bread, sweet dough, hand-tear bread, toast & old bread etc.  



                      Key Function

                      • Enhancing the dough's air-holding capacity & resistance -fermentation capacity, significantly increasing the volume of bread.

                      • Strengthing the network structure of gluten, increading the stable elasticity of gluten, reducing the degree of weakening of dough.

                      • Improving the performance to be processed during production of bread.

                      • Improving the internal structure of bread, to make it uniform, fine, white and in good layers.

                      • Delay the aging of starch, make the bread to be softer. 

                      • Effectively extend the freshness period & shelf-life time of bread.



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                      Committed to provide safe, high-quality, innovative and practical raw materials for the food industry at home and abroad. With the expertise and mature technology in the field of emulsifier and the correct grasp of the market, it rises rapidly.

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                      Address : Dahe Industrial Park, Xingyang City, Henan Province, China

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