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                      (GMS90) Glyceryl Monostearate

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                      ● Product Name: DAHE Enterprise? GMS90
                      ● Full Name: Glyceryl Monostearate (Mono and Diglycerides)
                      ● Product Type: emulsifier, food grade
                      ● Color: white or light yellow
                      ● Odor: non-irritating odor
                      ● Form: solid powder
                      ● Executive standard: GB 25539-2010
                      ● CNS: 10.006
                      ● INS: 471
                      ● CAS: 123-94-9; 31566-31-1
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                      DAHE Enterprise? GMS90 (Glyceryl Monostearate)


                      Popular ingredients in bakery, dairy and beverage products; produced from vegetable-based fatty acids



                      Key Function

                      GMS has great applicability, strong emulsifying power, good heat resistance and acid resistance, and is suitable as emulsifier, dispersant, foaming agent, emulsifier stabilizer in various foods.




                      Application in bread, cake and  pasta products


                      • Increase the volume and softer.

                      • Prolong the fresh-keeping period 

                      • Improve the crispness in the biscuit, make the biscuit production easy to demold, and ensure pattern clear.







                      Application in Edible oils and dairy products

                      • Prevent oil bleeding, oil-water separation and delamination. 

                      • Eliminate water seepage in hot weather.

                      • Used as an inhibitor of edible oil crystals. 

                      • Improve instant solubility, prevent precipitation and agglomeration in dairy products such as condensed milk, malted milk, cheese, and instant milk powder. 





                      Application in ice cream


                      • Prevent the formation and expansion of ice crystals


                      • Ensure products with sufficient puffing and fine taste. 










                      Application in beverages


                      Used in fat or protein beverages, such as almond milk, coconut milk, walnut milk, peanut milk, and cocoa milk etc., as emulsifiers and stabilizers

                      • Improve solubility and stability, 

                      • Inhibit the generation of foam to improve processing performance

                      • Prevent the precipitation and delamination, and extend the shelf life.






                      Application in Candy


                      • Increase product gloss, and not stick to teeth when eating. 

                      • Ensure gum with better softness and plasticity, and better chewing taste and extensibility.

                      • Usd as aerating agent in aerated candy



                      Application in chocolate 


                      • Prevent the precipitation of sugar crystals and oil separation

                      • Prevent the surface of chocolate from frosting

                      • Improve the brittleness of chocolate

                      • Prevent dampening and softening



                      Application in chopped meat products


                      • Prevent fat precipitation and reduces the production cost. 

                      • Suppress water precipitation, shrinkage and hardening of the finished product, and extend the shelf life. 

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                      Committed to provide safe, high-quality, innovative and practical raw materials for the food industry at home and abroad. With the expertise and mature technology in the field of emulsifier and the correct grasp of the market, it rises rapidly.

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