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                      Ice Cream Emulsifier Powder

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                      ● Product Name: DAHE Enterprise? Ice Cream Emulsifier Powder
                      ● Product Type: Emulsifier, food grade
                      ● Color: white
                      ● Form: powder solid
                      A detailed introduction about ice cream emulsifier powder in function and using method
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                      The ice cream emulsifier powder is made of carrageenan and other water-soluble edible colloids and stabilizers. It integrates emulsification and stabilization functions, which can make fat and other solids evenly distributed, prevent the segregation of milk slurry and the formation of crystals, make the ice cream structure fine, good structure, smooth and delicious and resistant to melting, thereby making the production process of ice cream more simple and reasonable, easy to operate, conducive to quality control, greatly shortening the reproduction of microorganisms in the aging process, improving product quality, reducing production costs, and enhancing product competitiveness.


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                      Milk powder




                      ice cream emulsifier powder


                      Flavor and Color



                      Add to 100



                      Reference Using Method:

                      *Single dissolution method: Mix the ice cream emulsifier powder and sugar in a ratio of 1:5, add a certain amount of water, stir evenly with a high-speed mixer, and pour it into the mixing tank.

                      *Gradually dissolving method: dry and mix the ice cream emulsifier powder and sugar in a ratio of 1:5, and slowly, evenly sprinkle into the mixing tank containing the aqueous solution of milk, sugar, etc., and stir slowly until it is completely dissolved.

                      *Grease dispersion method: Sprinkle the ice cream emulsifier powder slowly into the liquid grease, stir and disperse, pour it into the batching tank and mix with other materials.


                      After the ingredients are finished, pasteurize at 75-80, homogenize (pressure 180kg/cm2), cool, emulsify (2-4, 3 hours), freeze (swelling rate controlled at 90-100%), quick-freeze, and store in.



                      The recommended amount is 0.2%0.5% of ice cream slurry

                      [Compound reinforced type dosage 0.3-0.5%]

                      [Dosage of dissolving type 0.5%-1%]


                      Other ice cream emulsifier powders

                      1. Sodium Alginate

                      Sodium alginate is extracted and refined from kelp and seaweed. It is an off-white to milky white powder. It is characterized by good water solubility, strong water absorption, high whipping and foaming rate, and can form an irreversible gel with calcium ions, and the time and strength of gel formation can be controlled by the amount and speed of calcium ions added. It can well maintain the formation of soft ice cream and prevent volume shrinkage. It is a natural high-quality soft ice cream emulsifier powder. It is generally used in combination with guar gum and CMC.

                      2. Locust Bean Gum

                      Locust bean gum (locust bean gum) is extracted and refined from the endosperm part of the seeds of carob tree (growing in the Mediterranean coastal countries). It is a white to milky white powder and is a high-performance polymer hydrophilic glue. It has good water absorption, high viscosity, good pseudoplasticity, good plasticity resistance, strong acid resistance and good protein stabilization. It has a synergistic effect with carrageenan, xanthan gum, konjac gum, etc., and has obvious effects in thickening, emulsifying, gelling, and stabilizing. It grows in Mediterranean countries with low yield and high price.



                      3. Konjac Gum

                      Konjac gum (amophophallus gum) is extracted and refined from konjac roots (grown in Sichuan, Hubei, etc., China). It is a milky white to light yellow solid and is the most viscous hydrophilic gum among natural gums. Konjac gum solution can become elastic gel in the presence of gelling agents (such as KOH, NaOH, K2CO3, Na2CO3, etc.), which will no longer dissolve in water. Konjac gum has a strong water absorption capacity. After absorbing water, the volume expands more than 100 times. The solution is non-Newtonian, with high viscosity and suspension, strong gelation and high whipping performance. It has a good compatibility with locust bean gum, carrageenan and xanthan gum, and can improve the strength and elasticity of the gel; it has good hydration with starch at high temperatures. It is a kind of natural vegetable glue produced by our country, with good performance and moderate price, it will become an excellent soft ice cream stabilizer.


                      4. Pectin

                      Pectin is a white to light gray solid powder that is processed and refined from citrus endocarp, apple peel, pomace, sunflower trays, and stalks. Pectin is divided into two categories, namely high-ester pectin and low-ester pectin. High methoxy pectin with methoxy content 7% (esterification degree above 42.9%) is called high ester pectin, which is mainly used as stabilizer for sour jam, jelly, jelly, lactic acid bacteria beverage and candy. Low methoxy pectin with methoxy content <7% (degree of esterification lower than 42.9%) is called low ester pectin. It can be used as a general or low stabilizer for sour jam, jelly, fruit juice, coagulated yogurt soft ice cream, etc. Because of its acid resistance, color, fragrance, taste, appearance, etc., it is the best among all kinds of glues. Although its colloidal strength is low, not as good as gelatin and agar, it is still the preferred raw material when the strength of the gel is not considered.


                      5. Frank Gum

                      Flaxseed gum is made from flax seeds, a glaze in northern my country, as the main raw material, after processing and refining, the appearance is brown powder. In the thickener series, it is a medium-viscosity gum, which is characterized by good water solubility, good foaming properties, and strong emulsification. It is compatible with gum arabic, seaweed, xanthan gum, gelatin, and the experimental results of CMC show that it has a good emulsification effect. Therefore, Frank gum can be used as an ice cream emulsifier powder as well as a soft ice cream stabilizer.


                      DAHE Enterprise, supply you with best quality of ice cream emulsifier powder & best service!

                      ice cream emulsifier powder
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