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                      (CITREM) Citric and Fatty Acid Esters of Glycerol

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                      ● Product Name: DAHE Enterprise? CITREM
                      ● Full Name: Citric and Fatty Acid Esters of Glycerol
                      ● Product Type: emulsifier, food grade
                      ● Color: white to light yellow
                      ● Form: powder or flake solid
                      ● Executive standard: GB 29951-2013
                      ● CNS: 10.032
                      ● INS: 472c
                      ● CAS: 36291-32-4; 1337-34-4
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                      Product description


                      Product Features

                      ● This product has the functions of emulsification, chelation, anti-oxidation, starch anti-aging and control of fat accumulation etc. It can be used in various foods in moderation according to production needs.

                      ● This product can be used in infant formula products, emulsified fat products, oil products, dairy products, meat products and baked food to improve product performance and taste.

                      ● This product can be used in ice cream, chocolate and candy for synergistic and solubilizing effect.


                      Usage and Application Scope

                      ● It can be directly mixed together with other powder to feed.

                      ● Add this product to 50-70°C warm water, stir it into paste at high speed and then mix it with other raw materials evenly before feed to ensure a better effect.

                      ● Add this product into hot grease dissolved for using.


                      Specifications and Net Weight

                      5*5 kg/box (25kg/barrel), net weight 25 kg


                      Storage and Shelf Life

                      It should be stored in a cool, ventilated and dry place at room temperature. Please pay attention to sealing after bags opened to prevent agglomeration. It is strictly forbidden to be mixed and transported with inflammable, explosive, toxic and harmful substances. Shelf life: 18 months for not been opened package.

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                      Committed to provide safe, high-quality, innovative and practical raw materials for the food industry at home and abroad. With the expertise and mature technology in the field of emulsifier and the correct grasp of the market, it rises rapidly.

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